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In recent months, Edge.poker has been receiving more interest from users. As some of loyal users might have noticed, Edge.poker is free-to-use. In order to deliver better features and more stable service, we are planning to launch a premium membership.

Users can be rest assured that - Edge.poker will always offer a basic, free service for all.

Free vs. Premium

The table below depicts the feature differences between free and the planned premium:

Estimate Winning ProbabilityYY
Post-Flop Opponent Hand AnalysisYY
Playing adviceYY
Edge.poker's hand-range probability estimateNY
User-defined hand-range probability estimateNY

With the addition of hand ranges, premium users will be able to play more often. This will help premium users' winning speed. On top of that, we will include an exclusive article on bank roll risk management to help our premium users to become even better players.

We are also constantly looking for new features to bring to our users. If you have any feature requests, please feel free to reach out to us.

Effect of Hand Range on Probabilities

In this section, we will show the difference in the estimated probability when no hand range is assumed versus using Edge.poker-defined hand range. Our hand range data will only be made available to our premium users.

The table below illustrates a few no-hand-range odds vs. Edge.poker-defined hand-range odds for a 6 players game:

SituationNo hand range (Free) oddsEdge.poker hand range odds
Pair K43.38%55.7%
Suited AK32.19%43.8%
Pair 1030.44%39.6%
Hand: A ♠, K ♠
Shared: K , 6 , 6 ♠, 4
Hand: Q ♠, Q
Shared: 4 ♠, 7 , 2

Limited Early Access

To provide the best possible premium offering at the best price, we are launching the premium offering in 3 phases:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • General access


This phase is meant for very raw offering of the initial premium offering. Here are more details of this phase:

  • Feature delivery: Alpha users will get continuous delivery of the latest premium feature sets. Expect to see bugs from time-to-time. The very first feature that Alpha users will have access to is Edge.poker defined hand-range. This will allow Alpha users to play more aggressively.
  • Access: Free.
  • Free access time period: Alpha trial period + Beta trial period.
  • Alpha trial period: Roughly 5 months.
  • Alpha start date: December 15, 2020 (started).
  • Our expectation from Alpha users: Provide feedback to help us improve the product.
  • User limit: 30 (Less than 10 left).
Perks for Alpha Users

In order to thank the early enthusiasm from our alpha users, we will issue a 50% discount coupon applicable for 1 year once the premium plan starts to be a paid offering.


In the Beta phase, users can expect a product more refined and closer to the official premium offering. Here are more details of this phase:

  • Feature delivery: Beta (and Alpha as well) users will have access to features like Edge.poker predefined hand range calculator and user-defined hand range calculator. Bugs might be present and features might change.
  • Access: One time fee of $13.50 for the entire beta period.
  • Access time period: Beta trial period.
  • Beta trial period: 3 months or more.
  • Beta start date: August 1, 2021 (Estimated and may vary).
  • User limit: 350.
Perks for Beta Users

In order to thank our beta users' support, we will issue a 1-year 25% discount coupon applicable to Beta users once the premium plan starts to be a paid offering.

Sign up

Both Alpha and Beta users can sign up using this link below:

Enrollment for the Alpha and Beta trial is based on a first-come first-served basis. If you don't get enrolled into Alpha, you will automatically be considered for Beta.

Signing up is totally free. For the Beta trial, you will receive an email sending you to a unique Beta sign up page where you will be able to make the one-time payment. Of course, Alpha users will not have to worry about any payment at all. But, you will still receive an email asking you to login and change your password once the Alpha offering is available.

We will update the number of Alpha and Beta users every week. Once a particular trial has reached its targeted signed up users, we will also highlight it on this page.

General Access

While we don't have all the details for paid premium offering, we can shed some light on how the paid premium plan would look like:

  • There will be likely at least 2 plans - a quarterly paid plan and an annually paid plan.
  • The cheapest plan (which is likely going to be an annual plan) will be priced at least $6 per month.
  • General access will likely start in August 2021.

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